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Tai Sijo Andrew Tamper


The system of Yee Chong Mu Gow encompasses several aspects of Martial disciplines. These areas range from the utilizing combative elements of Wai gung (or external practice method), Nia dan (internal Boxing), Chin-na, five animals techniques of the Shaolin system, Pa - Kua, Hsing I, Ch’uan Fa and Tai -Chi.

The Yee Chong Mu Gow family Fighting Arts is a system of Master Yee Chong’s training legacy. The Yee Chong Mu Gow is the combined method of Master Yee Chong’s studies and his family system that was taught to Master Dr. A. P. Tamper.

       The unique system of Yee Chong Mu Gow Family Fighting Arts has been developed to a high degree since its migration to America. Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper studied as a youth the external and internal fighting systems from Master Yee Chong. Master Yee immigrated to America, during the turbulent times in China, to escape political persecution and seek a better way of life in America.

As we know, through previous study, Master Dr. A. P. Tamper sought out Master Yee Chong at a very early age. Master Yee Chong, like all masters from China, diversified his studies in the pugilistic arts from the region of Hopei China. Master and fighters of these arts would specialize in an art until mastery was obtained. These masters recognized the importance to balance their knowledge of other fighting styles and system and would balance their system of combat by studying from many different methods of combat.

Master Yee Chong had continual study in the different internal arts, Pa Kua Chang, Hsing -I, as well as Tai Chi and Qi - Gong. External systems. Master Yee Chong spent time and considerable effort in practice came from his studies with Masters in China. It is logically assumed that Master Yee Chong   took time to refine and develop the skills of Pa Kua, Hsing- I.

            It is unknown however if Master Yee Chong spent much time in teaching Yee Tai Chi.

           Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper learned a very combative form from Master Yee Chong, full of detailed striking and manipulation of pressure points, nerve centers, and accu-points.

           Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper would continue to deepen his own knowledge of the healing arts and Qi- Gong, through his entire life. Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper did not emphasis the acrobatic techniques found in modern Wu Shu in his teachings. Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper however did spend a considerable amount of study and training in developing the systems of close – in  fighting, locking and seizing of joints and nerve centers.

          Tai Sijo Dr. A. P.  Tamper also spent allot of time developing techniques of tiger, dragon and crane style fighting. Master Yee Chong  studied external fighting from the Shaolin Tradition and took his inspiration from the Lohan Arhart style of fighting. The diversified study of Master Yee Chong was combined into a style that Master Yee Chong  taught to his disciples and family. This system he taught  Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper, a combined teaching and his legacy of study in the fighting arts.

          At the time of Master Yee Chong’s return to China , during the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, the later 30's, Tai Sijo Dr. A. P.  Tamper would be asked to carry on Master Yee Chong’s teachings and training in the United States.

          Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper  enlisted in the Army during World War II and would find his learning, growth and study of the Asian arts to expand dramatically. During his training in the military Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper practiced and studied judo, through the Armed forces training,  These studies would continue after his leaving the Army as well. He would go on to obtain a 3rd Dan Black Belt in judo from the USJA. Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper, during his military training, would also study the art of Karate. This was done with many practitioners and teachers of the art, through his military assignment, which was based in the South Pacific and Asia.

          Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper would go on to achieving a Shodan in Hakko Ryu Jujitsu and notable Dan rankings in Shito Ryu Karate, Shotokan Karate and others.


          Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper would always hold his teachings of Master Yee Chong and the Chinese tradition very close to his heart and as the main practice and devotion of his training. Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper would not go on to teach or become active in either Jujitsu or the Karate world, though in his developing a curriculum of Master Yee Chong’s teachings he would incorporate all that would aid and compliment Master Yee Chong’s system of fighting.


          For example the locking techniques of Jujitsu and Judo fit very well with the Chin-na that Master Yee Chong had taught Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper, in some ways helped in teaching the particular techniques more direct and just as effective.  Some of the fighting techniques fit well various training techniques found in his Karate studies. Tai Sijo Dr. A. P.  Tamper during his Armed forces career would be put in charge of teaching Hand to hand Combat training as well as knife fighting and bayonet training. These duties put Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper in a position of learning new techniques.


         Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper would go on to instruct  classes in Judo and Karate at the Canton, Ohio YMCA. He would go on to teach  the martial arts at the down town Canton, Ohio YMCA for over thirty years. Upon his leaving the Army he would go to work for the City of Canton Postal Service.


         Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper would also befriend a local instructor, whose primary Arts were Judo and Jiu-Jitsu, Sensei Amato. This friend ship would allow Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper to continue to hone his Judo and Jiu-Jitsu skills and implement them into his Yee Chong Mu Gow Family Fighting Arts System. 

Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper  would go on to concentrate exclusively on the teachings of Master Yee Chong and the Chinese  Fighting Arts. He would cultivate friendships with a number of the Chinese members of the community who also practiced and taught Martial Arts. One person in particular became important to Tai Sijo Dr. A. P. Tamper,  Mr. Jon Wong. Mr. Wong would help in the search for Master Yee Chong. Tai Sijo Dr. Tamper would become an adopted grand father to Mr. Wong.


          Tai Sijo Tamper made several trips to China, with Mr. Wong, to continue his search for Master Yee Chong and to solidify his Mastery of Chinese studies.

Master Tony Yang was very hospitable in allowing Master Tamper to visit and train with his family of Wu Dang stylist during his visits.

          These friendships would continue during the remaining years of his life in Canton, Ohio.

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