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Yee Chong Mu Gow Family Fighting Arts

Tai Sijo A.P. Tamper
Sijo William Van Camp
SiGung George Dean
Yee Chong Mu Gow Divisions
Kenshin-Ryu Karate
Kiniro Ha Ryu Goshin Jutsu
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Yee Chong Mu Gow has several divisions that make up the Art.

Ku Tai Te:
This sections of Yee Chong Mu Gow was started in 1976. It was created to pass on the Philisophical teaching of the art.
Tai Sijo Tamper had a heart problem in 1075 and was not able to teach the training classes because of the physical contact that was involved. After much contemplating a class was created to teach the students and teachers the philisophy that was handed from the past Masters to present Masters.
As the class went along through the years Christian, Taoist and other Chinese teachings were added. Tai Sijo Tamper later would also add Tai Chi and Chi Kung to the program.
*There are NO grades/ranks awarded the Ku Tai Te.
Yee Chin-Na Kempo:
This is a self defense art incorporating the striking, kicking, locks, throws and Chin-Na techniques of Kung Fu, Kempo, Ju Jutsu and Chin-Na.
Yee Tai Chi:
Yee Tai Chi (Wu Hsiao Tai Chi) is used as not only a terrific martial art but also for health and rehabilitation purposes.
Mu Ying Tao:
This art is taught to a select few and are the personal teachings of Tai Sijo Tamper.
Yee Do-Vee Fut Ch'uan Fa:
This is the traditional art of Tai Sijo Tamper. It is a combative style and in it are the teachings of Chin Na, Pakua, Hsing-I, Tai Chi, Karate, Kempo and Chu Chuan.
This style also competes in tournaments and has produce many champions.
All branches of Yee Chong Mu Gow are traditional martial arts because they are just part of the evolutionary process of each new inheritor. They follow the philosophy, customs and practices of the original art.
*Sijo William Van Camp is the ONLY legal inheritor of the Yee Chong Mu Gow arts and the Yee Chong Mu Gow School.
In keeping with the tradition of Yee Chong Mu Gow, every inheritor MUST add something to the system.

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