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Yee Chong Mu Gow Family Fighting Arts

Tai Sijo A.P. Tamper
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Welcome to our web site.

Thank you for visiting the Yee Chong Mu Gow Family Fighting Arts homepage.

      The Yee Chong Mu Gow Family Fighting Arts is the Martial Arts teachings of Master Yee Chong and his combined method of Martial Arts.  Master Yee Chong was an accomplished practitioner of Pa-Kua , Hsing -I, Tai Chi Chuan and Cha- Chuan ( Chuan Fa). Master Yee Chong, like numerous Chinese stylists, combined and refined these studies into his family style of fighting. Master Yee Chong passed these teachings to Tai Sijo Dr. A.P. Tamper during his years living in the United States. Tai SijoTamper continued his studies and refinements of the teachings of Master Yee and founded the Yee Chong MuGow Family Fighting Arts in the United States of America.

   Sijo W.H.VanCamp is Master Tamper's oldest active student, Inheritor and Sijo of the Yee Chong Mu Gow Family Fighting Arts system. Sijo VanCamp has continued to study and carry on the teachings of the Yee Chong Family and has taught hundreds of students across America. Master VanCamp is also the founder of the C.K.K.A. (Chinese Kempo Karate of America). Master VanCamp has established a program for the Handi-Capable and is working with the University of Winthrop in Rockhill South Carolina to bring martial arts to the Handi-Capable.

  It is the intent of this Web site to provide the many students across the globe who are practicing the teachings of Yee Chong Mu Gow accurate and useful information in their studies. We welcome all who are interested in learning Yee Chong Mu Gow to contact a certified school listed on this site.

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