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Yee Chong Mu Gow Family Fighting Arts

Tai Sijo A.P. Tamper
Sijo William Van Camp
SiGung George Dean
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Kenshin-Ryu Karate
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Kenshin-Ryu Karate

Our objective is to research the roots of Karate and discover how the original kata were taught. The art is based around it's kata with the application of those forms as our basis. We are about the individual and their journey on the path of Karate. Training is totally geared to the development of the individual.

Students learn the philosophy of the art and aspects of Japanese culture, plus we have many events each year and numerous social functions.

Being part of us means you are not just a number but a valued member. Please see our contact page for more info on our Dojo.

Shihan Lewis Whitney, 7th Dan can be contacted through the Kenshin-Ryu website.

See our website at, or in the links section:

Shihan Lewis Whitney

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